What are the signs (if any) that your teenage boy has lost his virginity?
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My son hit 16 and has wanted to ever since. He has barely started dating this girl who is not a virgin but has only been with one person.They dated a few months ago and she broke up with him to go back to the guy who took her virginity. This girl and my son have built a very close friendship since and started dating again. Not long afterwards his whole attitude changed and I have NO clue who's kid this is. Him and I have always been super close and although it sounds obsurd, we always agreed he would let me know. I asked him today "when are you going to tell me you're not a virgin anymore?" His response. "when I feel like it."
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ammy_ Anurag Prakash ray

Bond between a mother and her kids are always special and strong. Keeping it short no matter how close we are with our mother there's always some things that we can't share with anyone even mother. And something like sex is way beyond that comfortable zone to share

unholymaster Adaleigh Faith Nicholls

There's no way humanly possible for you to know that another person has had sex unless either it was with you or you saw it...

Oswald Alvin

You can't tell. I mean with mom talking about virginity? if it dad, i think he will able to talk something like that. Somehow it will awkward to talk something like that

Easytee Terry

Maybe there are no signs. I don't know. But I think the best way is to try to make him trust you enough to understand you won't make him feel worse if he tells you his secret. Put yourself in his shoes, he may not be proud of what he did to just say 'yes' if he has done it or say 'no' now that his mum no longer understand him enough to know what he can do.

In my view, if he has done it, he isn't proud about it and if he hasn't... Then he's probably mad at you for losing trust in him, making him reluctant about talking about it. Make him understand you don't wanna suspect him wrongly and that you just want to know simply out of care. He's too young to do such and it could be part of the reason they first broke up.
Princess_Jewels Julie Hernandez

Thank you. He and I have always been close enough to talk about awkward moments in the past. And he always told me he would let me know when he does. I have bought him condoms and went over the details of what can happen. His attitude and hormones have changed. His behavior is worse and he is all about her more than any other female he's ever been dating

Glyze_alia31 Glyze Aila Duero

How old is your son?

and this girl your talking about?

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