What did Osho mean about this quote?
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I came across this quote as I was surfing for quotes by Osho and wondered what did he mean about creativity being the "greatest rebellion."
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Amithab M.A.K

You HAVE to rebel(think out of the box) in order to create something. AFTER you've created it, however, that which you have created can become the norm.. and thereafter, if another wishes to improve upon your creation, they too would have to rebel against it. Certain things may never be improved upon.. like Newtons Theories of Motion.. HE was thought to be a rebel to think up those theories.. but now we all accept it as the norm.

eledje2017 mandilicious

Most times people go against norms to create things, for example the Wright brothers that invented Airplane went against the LAW OF GRAVITY. i believe he sees it as been rebellious.

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