What do guys look for in a girl?
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to all you guys what is a few things you look for in a girl when you are tryin to get to know her!! like turn ons and turn off...good and the bad!!!! what is your ideal woman?
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thanks for all the feed back guys:)


these days she has to be real, because so many people pretend to be someone their not it's just nice having someone who can be their self.


The classy guys with ambitions and good jobs like women who have wisdom and think before they speak using common sense. We hate drama and emotional women because after a while we feel like we cant fix it and it drags us down as well. Communication, being honest, and most of all being trustworthy are huge. Good guys sometimes become clingy or annoying because they dont trust their woman when there not with them. Ex boyfriends need to stay in the past, and dont hang out with "guy friends".

TheJazG Jaz Grant

okay i may not be a man but read the book of rules its really good and will help you i haven t read the new one but is more this genration :)

jacooob Jacob

Things like confidence. A sense of humor. As long as she acts like no one else but herself then I'm good. Personal hygiene is also something I think about. I don't like girls who aren'y confident and depend highly on other people. I believe that females are more involved and evolved in this world so if she has something on her mind, I'd like her to let me know ASAP. Also, I have a mother. I don't need another female telling me what to do. As long as I really enjoy being around her/ laughing my ass off with her, I think I'll end up liking this girl (and maybe end up falling in love) it's all a matter of time. I say just be yourself. You want a guy to like you for you ansd all of you. Not someone you pretend to be.

CHAD10 Chad Drzewicki

A good heart and a good personality go a long away. Sex appeal is always a big thing but a girl doesnt always have to have the best looking. As long as she has confidence and believes that she is beautiful in her own way, then shes a keeper in my book.

Hazel Devante Freeman

A girl to be completly herself . Guys don't care about girls with flaws as long as you have self confidence and you aren't afriad to be your self

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