What do i do? Hes just so hott!!
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Ok so my teacher has this husband and he is finer than HELL and i really like him but there married should i find a new man or get rid of my teacher.......
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swagforme Andrea Santos

Duhh?! Look for a new man. Aren't you ashamed?! It's you teacher's husband so I'm sure he's older than you. Look, how can you take having a relationship way older than you and take not, he has a WIFE! Who do you think you are? OTHER WOMAN? Don't mess with your life girl, there's someone for you. You just have to wait and see.

closetoit MikhailS

how can she know if the two are happy? i never listen to the word of rules because most of it is just stupid. If they are married that doesn't mean they are happy. To tell you more, they could live in hell. what's then? What i would do, is tring to become a friend to him, of course having nothing in my head but the attempt to find out if he is happy. If yes - than i'd get the hell out, if no - then what the hell? many people get married first, and then think what the heck they are married for..

jakeezareed20 Jakeeza Reed

Iye think yhu shud juxxss find somebodiiee else or juxxss have a crush on dat person!!


look for ah new man!

atusasiibwe.johnmary14 John Mary

Loving me is not only to say that "I love u", but to show me that you can endure hard and trying moments when they come. Good night

icedcapp Krysteena Meamore

Guurrl same prob right now. If your hot and he's into you hell yeah!

fukknutt nikkidawn

Find a new man ,


No,no,no...Darling girl ,first of all even if Mr.Teacher is interested...married boys almost always return home .Of course a little eye candy never hurt anyone! Keep the lessons going with the Mrs...but about him stick to the rule 'look,but please don't touch.There are many many more hot chunky beefy fish on the sea.Have fun,good luck!


If two people are happy together, leave them alone.

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