What do you do if you love your ex's bestfriend, that dated your ex bestfriend and he loves you to but you want to stay loyal?
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my ex broke up with me and his bestfriend started haveing feelings for me and i started haeing feelings for him. but i wouldnt want to date my ex bestfriends bf or my ex boyfriends bestfriend but i also dont wanna be alone anymore HELP./:
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mistsofjade00 terri

Stop hanging around them and find someone else thats single to hang with. Why would anyone put themselves in a situation like that in the first place?


Umm, in my own opinion you should have more faith in God he will find the one for you in someways =D..

Believe HakunaMatata

Be patient. You need to take your time, just breathe for a sec and work out who you want to be with. I think that you need to figure out who you really love. Your exs' bestfriend or your ex bestfriends boyfriend, if i were you, i wouldnt date any of them, you need to stay loyal to both of them, even if you dont like them. Find someone else. Its harsh, but its truth. :)

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