What is NORMAL?
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They say act NORMAL , HOW!?
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Patriciawellingt Patriciawellington

It is to be yourself, and not pretend to be someone or something that you are not. Being you, yourself, and not imitating others.

Lex Alexander Pym Allison

A way that is generally acceptable

siftedsoul siftedsoul.com

Normal is a range of actions that are judged on a curve of accepted behavior. Most important is just being yourself and not hurting others.

SimplyLost_ Larissa D

There’s no such thing as normal

Eremiophon Jack Dunker

When "normal" comes up, I like to remember the words of Whoopi Goldberg: "Normal ain't nothin' but a cycle on the washing machine." It is an illusion created by statistics. We're all abnormal in some way or other. When people tell you to "act normal", they have in mind a standard based on their own abnormalities.

Anyone whose behavior is worth emulating won't need to say anything, b/c their mere example will inspire you to follow it. As for the rest, let your freak flag fly.

Easytee Terry

Maybe like not being extreme, kind of like average I guess...

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