How can I fix my broken heart?
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How can I fix my brokenheart? My boyfriend says he loves me, but not as much as I love him. He wants to stay together, but he also said that he cares less for me now than he did before. He says I over react all the time and I put my stress on him. The thing is, the overreacting is true and the stress thing WAS true in the beginning of our relationship. All I know is I do whatever he asks. Anything he needs I oblige. I do not know how all of this happened. Ive been with him even when my friends and family hated him, and i was always on his side. I do anything I can for him, but he says he just doesnt feel much of a connection anymore. I dont understand how he can seem so happy one week and then the next he says he is miserable and wants to break up. I just dont understand. I actually begged for him to stay with me and now i feel foolish. Why do I want to be with someone who doesnt love me the same way I love him, unconditionally? What is it that I am doing wrong? Being that we're still together, I am trying to show him that I am that same girl he was head of heels for, but Its hard to forget how much he has hurt me. How can I move on from this? We are not married and we do not have kids. We are both grad students and have talked about Marriage on several occasions. He has told me over and over again that he wants to marry me. I am jsut so confused now. I love him and he says he loves me, but I just dont know what to think..
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ammy_ Anurag Prakash ray

Everything change with the passage of time. And it seems your bf is confused about his relationship with you... That's why he sometimes says he love you n then wants to break up sometimes. You should talk to him clearly about your relationship n about any second thoughts if he has in his Mind. So you'll able to decide what you have to do about your relationship.

Oswald Alvin

That why very important to control your love with your mind. Sometimes, feeling will grow so powerful and bring harm to yourself that why you need your brain to conceal it (keep it not over limit). As long as he love you i think is alright, sometimes guy is like that they not truly show what they feel for you or they seem less care for you. But, make sure to reconsider your relationship again especially when your family is hate about him


give your love to him as a limitations don't be too much so that when the times he will be getting cold you will not too much hurts take it control by emotions cause broken is the hardest things to fixed on.. learn to have limit of everything specially that you felt unsure of his feelings to you..

babe_girl sam

thank u so much i will do that

DakotaKate Dakota-Kate

Sit him down and get the whole truth about everything out of him. Sometimes, it's hard to let go and everyone knows that. Sometimes we have to let go the people who mean the most to us. I'm not saying you should just break it off, but look at all your options and compromise. Hope this helps. :)

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