How can I get more true friends ?
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Ashiee_Actually. Pineapple

I don't think there is any clear answers to that. Honestly it all depends on you. The way you act and deliver yourself makes people feel comfortable and wanna be around you. Me, I find it easy making new friends because I always carry on lit convos and I'm always willing to listen. I'm only 17 a and I've had about 17 best friends in the past and really it's Nice knowing people treasure ur friendship enough to call you their best friend. My advise to you is ik this is cliche but be yourself.

just spend time with yourself more and know what you want and love every little things about yourself. Then the people that comes into your life will be the right people. once you what makes you happy and what you want you know who you want to spend time with. know what YOU want first.

I'm a true friend so why they don't talk to me and ignore me

IDK_blare blare

just ask if your a true friend :)

cenniamorgan Frankie Gipson

By being true yourself to them

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