How can I get back our friendship??
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The only thing that she hates me is I confess the truth to her,that shes my crush cuz I think so that im a boyish but not.and i tried to make her believe in me but she don' want my bestfriend back with me..
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serenitylies Ash

Just give it time. Let her think about it for awhile. I mean what would you do if your best friend confesses to you? I guess she needs time to understand what she really wants. Even after a long wait, and she still doesn't talk just approach. I just think she needs time.

micorance-286379 Michael

Don't lose hope. Faith never fails.. but somehow you must understand that " a true friend doesn't need a word, a friend always understand and believes in you no matter what. Accepting you as who you are and supports you in time of needs." You were friends before. What kind of friendship had you created? She must be very lucky, She had a friend like you, who's honest and sincere. Don't waste your time to someone who does not believes in you. So many people around who are worthy of you. Good luck

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