How can one been happy?
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Happiness is when your expectations and life come together in a joyful way.

Patriciawellingt Patriciawellington

Happiness is a choice. You are the one that is in control of you, your joy, your peace and your inner peace. You are in control of who you surround yourself with that's brings out the very best in you.

acegeezy53 MacGiland

"The greatest happiness you can ever find, rise inside you. Find it and you always be happy."

sunainaaa sunaina mahajan

Expect nothing from anyone, don't chase people or things have an aim in life tie it to your goals and work hard without any fears

david.john252 David John

Yes always happy in a life

Easytee Terry

By doing what makes them happy. Discover your talent, something you love to do and try to turn into something you can use to help the world within your reach... Just like the footballers, one day your talent will take you up and you will be rewarded for your passion and the world will remember you even after you are gone. But be careful not 2 be deceived that there is anyone who is continuously happy in life, nope, there are raining days, and those days demand your complete faith in God 2 get u

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