What it takes to be a perfect wife?
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Every woman aims to have a successful marriage, to continue the fire and affection with her partner after 10, 15 or more years after marriage. But how can woman stand and fight all circumstances beyond her control? How to be the ideal wife a man wants?
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Hell of a question.


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Respect and faith.

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[email protected] Mohammad Amin borhani

I watched that. I believe too that respect is main part of the relation.


to be a perfect wife you have to respect your husband and loyal to his heart


To be a good wife, you need to possess positive qualities. You need to be warm, kind, pleasant, caring, affectionate, friendly, positive and understanding. You need to be reliable, responsible and make your husband have confidence in you. Your warm welcome with a smile will relax him after a long and hard day at work. cheap essay writing service uk

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