What should i do???
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Ok so there is this guy that grew up with me and we are very close nd we really like each other.When we are alone we laugh and tell each other everything but when he gets around his friends, he is a different person.He acts like he don't know me and want nothing to do with me.. It's like he is sending me mixed signals...so what should i do im so confused??????????
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its clear he doesnt like you...he doesnt want to show his friends that he likes you on that way...and dont tell him that you like him..he will not take it seriously...and you will get hurt...

rubiomonica14 monica rubio

I agree let him go and yes he's sending you mixed signals but if you grew up with him just talk and let him be you know how guys are they treat you like a princess but when he's with his friends total diffrent person and every girl hates that even i do!!


A real guy would act mature about it, and treat you the same if he was alone with you or with his friends. That reveals alot about his own character, he cares too much what his friends think.

shaw_tieeee Bernice

call him out on it when your guys are together.

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