What should i do?
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me & my girlfreind arr very much happy with our relation. but some people always blame us or they say about our family or us very badly. one guy was also propse my girlfreind, but she answerd him no. till then he started to blame our relation.
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Gabriella_Isabel Gabriella

Just have faith in your relationship and ur gf... Just maintain trust in your relationship... Idiots spread rumours because they're jealous of others' happiness.....

Oswald Alvin

Don't give up, you need to fight to maintain your reltionship

ammy_ Anurag Prakash ray

Buddy. Forget about all those who are barking on you like a dog. Nobody likes to see others happy. Be happy and ignore all those trying to ruin your happiness. Saying bad things will not make you bad if you are right. Do hell with those people and be happy. Its your life

BIJIT_KUMAR_DAS Bijit kr. das

thanks. but they are very bad guys. if they couldn't do anything with me. but my girlfriend will be their target.

Masuma2000 Tani

Forget everything and appreciate the fact you've got a lovely girl. Both stand your grounds and never back down. So what if people point fingers at you?.. Does that make them any better..?? No..

BIJIT_KUMAR_DAS Bijit kr. das

But if we don't do anything, the guy will surely disturb us again.

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