What should i do if i find my true love and she doesnt like me at all?
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i dont no wht to do plz help me
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helenduale wchrog

Hello dear,

My name is wchrog, your profile drawn my attention an i decided to drop

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Yusra.Nimoo Yusra

If you love her but she doesn't, then be sure it's not love!!! and in suggestion: let her notice you, prove yourself to her not with talking but e=with acting!!!

ammy_ Anurag Prakash ray

You think you had find your true love? She don't like you then you can't force her to like you just be you and express your feelings to her and then whatever the response accept it

Oswald Alvin

Don't use a powerful word such a True love, to describe a Crush feeling. The word of " True " is something that already tested by life, time, and hardships. Back to the topic, you can make her fall for you. Make her special by treating her like a princess and telling about how special she is.

hacXkiz kshitiz

just try maybe she like u


to thank for showing me my heart√


be persistent 9 times out of ten its likely she wont 'dig' you at first be if your consistent and willing to wait im sure that one day she'll return your feelings but its a good idea to try being friends first incase things dont work out

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