Why do boys get tired and lost interest with girls easily?
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it really confuses me why boys after getting the girls' numbers, long facebook chats, and a couple of dates, they ditch them without even bothering to tell them. they leave the poor girls hangning, believing they'd come back. even i, who hardly have a dull moments, sometimes thinks i'm boring them and that gets me really insecure. i mean, i live a colorful life. too happy, in fact. i don't even nag them about that because i know nagging scares boys away. i cant find any reason why! P.S. please prove me wrong, boys.
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guys aren't ready to settle down aka not ready to have a long relationship

SuperRakii Rakii Retondo

It depends on a guy.. a REAL GUY.


because we need girls who is simple and quite....not those swag we feel wise

Mohd_Aariff_Khan Mohd Aariff Khan

Its Simple Dear, If You Haven't A IPhone, You Must Want It, At Any How At Any Cost, But After Achieved You This Target This Is For You Just Like A Yesterday News!

nanab11246 Barbara

I think it is because they are still looking for that perfect girl..

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