Why do my feelings do that to me? They let me think i'm over him, but later i start getting damn feelings for him again
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i got dumb feelings i cant escape for my ex! and i'm wondering if i should ask him back out or move on
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Rajyek Raji Yekinni

just build up your courage and tell him..You can't predict what he has in mind

foreverone35 Monica Chrisandtras Hines

Your feeling for your Ex will continue to be a worry or a blessing depending on what haunts you! What do you miss the most then validate that answer. Be clear and honest with your thoughts! It may just be you miss his company or his kiss or gifts or genuine care,but what prompt you to leave in the first place?

hemant_smarty hemant smarty

It happens the same with me but just avoid seeing him talking to him and stay away from him dont think it will ever be ok between u guys and just decide u have to move on at any cost

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