Why do you expect me to give this relationship 100%, when you don't even give it 25%?
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This girl who I'm dating never tries to make it work but I always try to work and I feel like I'm on my on.
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nishah1917 Nishah

which means someone is not even trying to be in a relation???

cynthia kones

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kajal456 kajal yadav

might be she is of that nature only


She likes the idea of a relationship.


The relationship shouldnt be that uneven it should be well more then that. You should let her go her way and if she come back in the right way then maybe it will work.

W3ndz17 Wendy

Talk to her and tell her how you feel. There is no point in being in a relationship where only the one person is trying...

Lighhtt_Briight Hazel Hasan

try to see how she feels about it

Rosanna-Symone "Rozay"

Maybe She Just Don't Care About It...You Need To Tell Her That I Cant Run This Relationship By My Self...It Takes More Than My Self It Takes The Both Of Us I Just Cant Be The Girlfriend And The Boyfriend...It Just Don't Work That Way...So You Need To Step Up...But If You Can't Do It Well There Is No Chance For Me Being With You...So Tell Me???

SunShine Anna

Try talking to her and telling her that,if after the talk she wouldn't change then you should rethink about going on in this relationship


I am a whiner but a winner.i am made for more than surviving in life but am gona thrive.i am a conquerer

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