Would You Really Settle Down?
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Many girls ask "Wheres That dream guy?" The guy that would show me that not all men are the same. But honestly think about the question im about to ask you. If that dream guy came along and is simply perfect and really wants to be with you, would you settle down?
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ucsimplyd Denise

girls just need a little respect


haha girls need money not love.

shubhie267 shubhi

umm if i want a guy who is understanding , loving or caring than he would be my "dream guy" so if a guy have similar qualities than obvioulsy i'll be with him forever n ever :D :P

MickeyAnderson._ Mickey Anderson.

Well, you need to atleast get to know eachother. & honestly, iwould if i found the right one. But for now im living the single life, but in the future, if my 'dream' guy comes along, iwould settle down. Whats there to lose? Virginity.


that same women needs to show that man that shes not the same. untill she does she will always be that same girl bitter and screaming all men are the same and by saying that id stay clear till she finds some happiness within same old self that takes no blame 4 what she brings upon herself then playing the victim.


Well.. for me its different. I'm in my early 20's, and still young. I would like to enjoy most of my 20's first. Maybe, when I get to my mid/late 20's I might like to settle down with the right guy. For now I want to enjoy being young . Maybe make few dreams come true. Before being in a serious relationship.

evil_lil_luv nikki

this goes without saying that a "perfect guy" for me is someone who possesses all the char. traits that with which i possess myself and then and only then would i whole-heartedly settle down without a doubt or question...so yes i would..

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