I get attached easily. I'm boy crazy. i cry. i pig out when I eat. i dress to please that one guy who will never care. i miss the past. i miss the people who I use to care for so much. i have crappy hair days. i don't care most the time. i sleep with my special stuffed animal no matter what age I am. im immature. i'm a blonde. -naturally. i crush to easily, and I fall to hard. i love justin bieber & tech n9ne & chris webby. i smoke too much weed. marilyn monroe is my idol. i try to hard. i cry to much. i miss you every night. i've had my heartbroken too many times, i've lost count. My ex brought me back to my old habits. and I miss him terribly. im trying to fall for this new guy, but it wont work out like always. i fight to much. relationships arent my thing. i break everything I touch. i loose peoples trusts easily. i dont hide secrets. im nice to whoever is nice to me i love to love, I hate to hate. Thats just me, and who ever doesnt like it, wont get my time. simple.

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Quotes by Delaney Ridnour
quotes by Delaney Ridnour
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