Some of these guys don't know how good of a girl they have. There are girls who's breaking boys' hearts & here you are with a girl who wouldn't break yours, & the way you show your appreciation is by treating her like shit? I mean, there was once a time where you treated her good, didn't you? What happened? You forgot how to do that? Let me tell you something. She probably didn't tell you this because she knows it would upset you, but there's probably another guy who likes her. Probably hits her up a lot but she would ignore him. Probably asks her to chill but obviously not cause she's with you. Probably begs her for a chance but she would rather tell him no & break his heart, than to leave you just cause another guy could treat her better than you are now. Because she wants that kind of treatment from you. How silly of her, right? Waiting on you to be the caring guy. Where did that guy go? Wherever he went, he needs to come back.

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Emilio Vasquez Quotes & Sayings

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Quotes by Emilio Vasquez
quotes by Emilio Vasquez
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