There's really no shortcut to forgetting someone. You have To endure missing them every day until you don't anymore...

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SexieAngel44 Michelle
I love what you said!! It is sooo true!! I needed to hear that!!! Thank you!!!
Bren4Life Bren <3
It's perfectly alright to miss someone... It's okay to love someone even when they're gone and their love has faded... But to live in the pain of the loss is senseless! You can love them - miss them and still move on!
"Outta sight, outta mind... now get back to work girl! Not the best coping device but sure beats mooping on the couch with my favorite chocolates.Great Granny's no nonsense advice has carried me through a few more decades since. She booted her husband in 1901 and raised 2 girls. I raised 5 alone.
KermieCarter Ayo
You have to just routinely work on yourself to forget another person to make it a habit of ridding them from your thoughts and become strong as you endure your trials and tribulations with them on your mind; it will not happen over night though, but it's possible..
That's so true. And i look forward with mixed emotions to the day when this happens...but i realize too, that sometimes the day it happens is the day you die.

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