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Quotes About Anti Socialism
Quotes about Anti_Socialism
Anti-socialism implies performing acts which are unconventional and do not comply with the standard norms and rules of the society. Anti-social behavior is immoral behavior, which is not respected, by anyone and anti-socialists and their image in the society is tarnished when they indulge in anti-social acts and become society’s anti-social elements.
Another implied meaning of anti-socialist is someone who completely avoids contact with others in the society. He/she has very limited friends and no social circle. That is not possible. This is because man is a social animal and he needs people around him to share his joys and sorrows with. Anti-socialism does not help because it completely cuts you from everyone around you and you end up feeling lonely and dejected.
In short, both kinds of anti-social behavior patterns are bad and do not lead a person anywhere. Doing things against the society of which one is a part of and at the same time cutting yourself from everyone around you, does you no good either.