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Quotes About Aviation
Quotes about Aviation
Aviation is the aggregation of a country’s military aircraft. It broadly pertains to the designing, development, production, and operation of aircrafts on a large scale. Aviation department is integral to any country’s defense unit. Countries having a large set of military aircrafts at their disposal have a superior army or military air force.
The word “aviation” is derived from the root word “avis” which means birds. Someone who operates an aircraft is an aviator. Aviation medicine is the study of treatment and disorders associated with flight. Aviation engineering is also a branch of engineering, which teaches the discipline of manufacturing, designing, and operating airplanes. Aviation is necessary have unit in any country’s military department. It is a source of strength for the entire military organization of a country. Therefore, every country ought to have a strong, re-enforced military aviation unit with a multitude and variety of aircrafts.