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Quotes About Beauty
Quotes about Beauty
Beauty varies according to the eyes of the beholder. What one may seem beautiful to one person may not be so to the other. But there are certain things that are universally agreed to come under the category of beauty like, the sight of roses, a kid's innocent smile, and the act of being kind to others, natural scenery in the lap of Mother Nature and so on.

There are so many things around us that are so beautiful and we tend to miss them and it needs another person to point out they are beautiful. The following quotes on beauty give a wide spectrum of areas where beauty lies. In fact, the world is full of beauty, some of them are evident but some are hidden. It is left to us to see and enjoy all the beauty that is strewn around us to make our life more colorful.
We have compiled a large list of beauty quotes and sayings. Beauty varies, according to the individual and the idea of what is beautiful is always changing. There are some things that are universally considered beautiful, as well as beauty that is often overlooked, until it is pointed out. We have quotes about aspects of beauty that are almost universally agreed upon, as well as many examples of famous beauty quotes that are not as obvious.
This eclectic collection of beauty quotes includes many sayings that are well known, as well as several beauty quotes and sayings that will make the reader stop and think and recognize beauty where it may have been missed in the past. Page through our beauty quotes to find sayings for a specific purpose or quotes that will make you appreciate the beauty that is found all around you.
We have all types of beauty quotes and sayings. In our collection, you will find beauty quotes for girls & women, famous beauty quotes and funny beauty quotes. Take the time to page through our quotes and sayings on the topic of beauty to find humorous quotes and serious quotes for all occasions and purposes. We hope this collection of famous beauty quotes and funny beauty quotes will help you expand your definition of beauty and appreciate the beauty within and around you.