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Quotes About Chastity
Quotes about Chastity
It is strange that chastity is always related to women and not men. Is there any support to the argument that chastity is meant only for men? Many quotes and sayings on chastity only emphasize that women want to be chaste without being caught. For instance, one quote says, “an un-attempted woman cannot boast of her chastity”. This is the voice of men and clearly shows how inferior they feel about women.

In fact, there are mythological stories in Hindu religion like Ramayana where the heroine of the epic, Sita is personified as the embodiment of chastity. Though it is less relevant to the modern age of today, nevertheless, it has been proved that chastity is possible and has great powers. Here are quotes on chastity and try to share with your friends and get their views on it.