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Quotes About Dick Cheney
Quotes about Dick_Cheney
Dick Cheney has served as the US vice-president. Born on 30th January, 1941, Dick Cheney has been a member of the US governing body for many years and has worked with many presidents and related staff members. His wisdom and knowledge is very much appreciated. He remarked regarding Barack Obama's term of office and said, “I think Obama is a one-term president.” Dick Cheney does not think that Obama will be elected president for the second time in succession.
USA has been targeted by several terrorist groups in the past. Dick Cheney firmly believes that, “Direct threats require decisive action.” Instead of sitting back and watching the show, he feels the government should go all out, to fight against such terrorist groups. Dick Cheney believes that many people tend to take liberty for granted and end up misusing it. In this context, he once commented, “It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken away from you.”