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Quotes About Famous
Quotes about Famous
Fame is not achieved overnight and famous quotes are given by both famous and not so famous people. Hence, it is only the words that matter and not the person who said those words. Some of the quotes given below are highly motivating and some of them are by unknown authors too. There were great leaders like Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln whose quotes are world famous. Famous quotes are beyond geographical boundaries and are immortal.

Needless to say, some of the famous quotes are inspirational, some of them are motivating and some of them are even funny that they?re remembered for the punch they have. So, these famous quotes are sure to make you think, to ponder and even bring a smile on your face. Spread this emotion to your friends toot through email or cards.
Famous quotes and sayings can be described as those quotes that many of us have heard, even if we don't know the source. These can be quotes by famous people or well known quotes that have been said by people who are not famous. It is the quote that has the fame and attention, not necessarily the author of a particular quote, since many of the most famous quotes are attributed to people who are not well known, or even unknown or anonymous sources.
We have a wide variety of famous quotes and sayings. Our extensive collection of quotes includes famous quotes from movies, quotes by famous people, including actors, authors, historical figures, political figures, world leaders and many others. We have famous quotes about life and love from people who are completely unknown, although their words are known by many.
If you are looking for specific famous movie quotes or quotes from well known historical figures, you can find them in several ways on Browse our full listing of quotes, use our search box or search by author to find famous quotes and sayings from a known source. Enjoy our quotes and send them to friends and loved ones to share the wisdom.