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Quotes About Flattery
Quotes about Flattery
Flattery is the abundant or insincere compliment given to another, just with the sole intention of gaining an advantage temporarily. Flattery is never true and does not come from the heart. This kind of flattery is dangerous to both the person offering and the one receiving. There are many such people who flatter and get their things done. Mason Clooney bluntly says that, “flattery and insults raise the same question: what do you want?”

But flattery is, ironically enjoyed by a certain section of people who in spite of being aware of the fact that they do not deserve such praise, tend to hear flattery just for the satisfaction of hearing it. This is comical as well as dangerous. It also gives a lot of false confidence and ultimately leads to self destruction. if better sense prevails, it s good not to take in the flattery into the mind and as hank ketch am puts it, “ flattery is like a chewing gum. Enjoy it but do not swallow it “. Here are a few quotes on flattery.