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Quotes About Intelligence
Quotes about Intelligence
It is not sure whether intelligence is hereditary, or being more informed or more educated or just a character possessed by man. But it can be said that intelligence can be inculcated through various means, through constant effort and trying not to repeat the same mistakes done in the past. Of course, everyone wants to be intelligent and look intelligent but it depends upon the effort taken to attain this state. It is, in fact, survival of the fittest and he who strives hard, emerges successfull
Intelligence is one factor that sets humans apart from all other creatures on the planet. For all that is known about intelligence, there is plenty still to be learned. For example, questions still remain about whether intelligence is inherited or learned or if the intellect is simply innate to the human species. Our collection of intelligence quotes and sayings includes quotes that address all these issues.
Intelligence is something most people strive to achieve, but serious effort is required to pursue intelligence. It is also something that continues to develop in all phases of life, as Albert Einstein noted, the quest for intelligence should begin and birth and not end until our lives have ended. It isn't something that is meant for childhood or even through college, but a lifelong pursuit.
If you are looking for intelligence quotes to inspire others to continue their quest to improve their intellect or want to better understand the nature and many facets of the human intellect, our intelligence quotes are a great place to start. We hope you enjoy our large variety of intelligence quotes on everything from seeking intelligence to beauty and intelligence quotes and sayings on many other topics related to the human intellect.