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Quotes About Miss You
Quotes about Miss_You
You miss people for whom you have the deepest of feelings and are emotionally tied to. When you feel for such people who are not in your vicinity and are separated from you by distance, you constantly feel like expressing your affection for the other person by saying "I miss you" to the other person. Saying the same can give you solace and make you feel comforted. It can also give you strength to bear the distant relationship.

But in long-distance relationships, it is advised that you stay strong and keep yourself as busy as possible. Constant utterance of these words, "I miss you" to your beloved can make your beloved feel weak and he might even get irritated. Instead of making your relationship steady, matters can get worse for you.
Anyways, one should not hesitate from saying this to someone whom we actually miss. It is healthy to express your concern for someone whom you miss badly.