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Quotes About Obscurity
Quotes about Obscurity
Obscurity is the condition of being unknown or not being in the limelight. Obscurity can be a deliberate move, at times. People who don't want to be under public scanner preferably choose to remain obscure. At times, people consider remaining obscure throughout the time when they are working towards something. People deliberately prefer to work hard in silence and let success make the noise.

Obscurity is fine for a person if he or she wishes to remain unknown to people. But, otherwise obscurity does not help you anyway. You should be good enough to confront people and make your voice heard. Hiding somewhere and letting things follow the normal course is sheer cowardice. Obscurity makes people forget you and your achievements. One should learn to face the public and make their presence felt. Obscurity will never help. It will throw you into oblivion and people might even learn to live without you.