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Quotes About Pornography
Quotes about Pornography
Pornography is photograph, film, magazine, writing or other materials that are related to causing sexual arousal or are sexually explicit in nature. It is basically satisfying those who have excess lust and are sex- hungry. Pornography gives everything in detail in excess and anything that is given in excess, tends to cause the negative effect. Rita Mae Brown rightly says, “Pornography exists or the lonesome, the ugly, the fearful –it’s made for the losers”. Some people make a great deal of money on pornography by publishing photos, magazines, videos and so on. This is worse than actually those who get involved in the act and getting money. “Pornography is the attempt to insult sex to do dirt on it ‘said D H Lawrence. But the fact remains that pornography has been in existence long long ago and still continues to be the best (or the worst?) profession to make money which is universal.