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Quotes About Relationship With God
Quotes about Relationship_With_God
God is existent not only for those who believe but also for those who do not. Only their belief is denied and not His existence. The belief that God is everywhere was sown right from the moment when man was born and there are numerous religions and beliefs that have sprung up since then. But, all of them ultimately point to the fact that there is a power above all of us that controls everything.

Though God created only one human race, man has created numerous gods. The reason behind this may be the fear for the Omni present or the fear to tread in the wrong path or the fear for the repercussions of his wrong doings. Nevertheless, it is good that such a fear exists in man so that he does not repeat those mistakes, which will eventually make him equal to God.
God exists for all, believers and non-believers alike. Denying the existence of God does not negate His existence. From the earliest civilizations, humans have sought God and all religious and spiritual traditions spring from man's search for his creator. Despite the differences among the faiths, the acknowledgement of a higher power is nearly universal. We have inspirational God quotes for every religious tradition and situation.
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