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Quotes About Women
Quotes about Women
Women, is the plural form of the term woman, which in essence means that women are a group of the female species of human in their adulthood. Women are different from their counterpart of Men in the human species in many different ways. Not only are women the only gender in the human race that are able to deliver children, women are different anatomically compared to their male counterparts. In many cultures women play different roles than Men because of their gender, and even though in many cultures the education gap between Men and Women is significant, in many cultures it is not, and women are treated as equals as they should be. Women have not been treated as equals in most of history, but as society is changing women are receiving the equal treatment in which they deserve. As Pauline Reage stated “Woman ... is the divine object, violated, endlessly sacrificed yet always reborn, whose only joy, achieved through a subtle interplay of images, lies in contemplation of herself.”
At, you will find women quotes for every occasion. Todays woman faces challenges unlike any other generation of women. As a community of women, we are able to love, support, encourage and cheer each other through the many challenges and obstacles that await women at all stages of life. When we cant find the words or just want to share wisdom and strength with another woman, a quote can provide the solution.
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