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Quotes About A New Day
Quotes about A New Day
Thursday, May 24
A new day indicates the beginning of a new dawn. Not all days in life are the same. There are times when you are at the crossroad, when things go haywire and you do not have the slightest control over events. That is when the relevance of a new day or what some people call as the new dawn appears.
A new day is when you can turn over a new leaf and start afresh, especially after a distressing time. Remember, you can always turn the tides in your favor by starting afresh with a new day. Sorrow, grief, and depression will be your baby if you are willing to hang on to it. Take your chances and start afresh on a new day. A new day marks a new beginning and along with a positive attitude, you can certainly go places and do wonders. A new life heralds with a new day.