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Quotes About Awkward Moment
Quotes about Awkward Moment
Tuesday, October 15
An awkward moment indicates a moment that causes embarrassment. The embarrassment can be less or huge, depending upon the awkwardness of the moment. But none of us can escape an awkward moment. One is bound to face embarrassing situations, repeatedly in life. But dealing with an awkward moment, completely lies in the hands of the individual.
You might be bogged down by an awkward moment and land yourself into depression. On the other hand, the correct way to deal with an awkward moment, once you have witnessed one is to let go of it and move on. Embarrassments are hard to deal with and becoming an object of ridicule or mockery is something that no one likes. But it is also healthy to have awkward moments occasionally, because they often teach you something or the other. So, take an awkward moment into stride and move on joyfully. That is what is called for.