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Quotes About End Of Summer
Quotes about End Of Summer
Thursday, October 17
The end of summer is defined in many different ways for different groups of people. For some, the end of summer is a joyous time, because they enjoy the beginning of fall, and the end to what seems to be sometimes unbearable heat. While to others the end of summer characterizes an end to a lot of freedoms that they were able to enjoy for the few months of summer. Kids are forced to end their summers and return to school, and adults who were able to vacation and experience new lands, travel, and sightsee are once again confined to cubicles in the workplace. The end of summer is a beautiful time, as fall begins, and the weather starts to change, many are able to view the effects of this with the colors on the leaves beginning to change. The end of summer is a joyous time for some, and a sad time for others, it is important to just appreciate the summer that you were able to have, and to look forward to capitalizing on the summer’s that lie ahead in your future.