Everyone just needs ONE day. One day to let go. A day to not worry. One day to be creative. A day to be sad, and a day to be happy. Everyone just needs one day to put that smile on their face and let their dreams come true. It's funny how one day can do so much.
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    Air Atman In Ravi
    Nothing is Real; it's a Cosmic Drama. We are just Actors; we Come and we Go. There will be Laughter; there will be Tears. Such is the Cosmic Show.
  • 21
    Joshua Aaron Guillory
    The perception of positivity is truth! And the perception of truth is love!
  • 10
    Air Atman In Ravi
    We are unable to Realize WHO WE ARE because the Mind Wanders and the Senses Desire and thus, we continue to BE WHO WE ARE NOT.
  • 16
    Sandeep Aggarwal
    Commitment, courage, character, capacity and craving are the five hallmarks for entrepreneurship!
  • 13
    Joshua Aaron Guillory
    The deepest good for the human mind is to believe the love we have!
  • 14
    RJ Intindola
    Most people believe they have complete control of their free will regarding their actions and values. That is simply is a myth because our actions are influenced substantially but external factors. While some philosophers differ regarding the extent, we control free will, the vast majority believe external factors have a fundamental role. However, most do agree humans are in total control of their moral code, personal ethics and social values.
  • 15
    RJ Intindola
    Improving your future requires study of the past; we learn traveling through life and especially from mistakes that provide lessons we should not repeat.
  • 15
    Jhiess Krieg
    Sometimes love's not enough. And if it's not enough, what good is it ?
    Unrequited Love
  • 18
    Jhiess Krieg
    Well, you can't have heartbreak without love. If your heart was really broken, then at least you know you really loved him.
    Complicated Relationship
  • 18
    Jhiess Krieg
    Saying goodbye doesn't mean You don't love him anymore, Nor that you no longer will. It doesn't mean that you failed. It doesn't mean you're unlovable. It doesn't mean somebody's better, And that someone else can take your place.
  • 7
    Jhiess Krieg
    Acceptance is the shortest route to peace.
    Moving On
  • 10
    Jhiess Krieg
    God's breath is like a fresh wind that renews us. Frail and weak as we are,we have hope. We find healing.
  • 13
    Jhiess Krieg
    Let go of what you can no longer keep. Protect what's still worth keeping. Believe in love most of all.
    Letting Go
  • 12
    Kevin Kinnebrew
    If you believe LOVE makes the world go round, then each act of kindness is a revolution.
  • 8
    Jehan Fostanes Nayga
    The most difficult thing to do in life is to love the unlovable.
    Complicated Relationship
    Disappointments Are Just God's Way Of Saying I've Got Something Better
    Disappointments are just God's way of saying "I've got something better." Be patient, live life, have faith.
    One thing that we must all endure through in our lives is disappointment. If we had our way all of the time, life would not really have much zest. One of the things that makes life really worth living is problem solving, and figuring out how to make our lives the lives that we truly desire to live.
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    Three Choices In Life
    When something bad happens you have three choices, you can either let it define you, let it destroy you or let it strengthen you.
    There are always going to be bad things that happen in your life, what is the measure of a man, is how he or she responds to the things that happen in their lives. When you think about the greatest beings that walk earth, you realize that those who are great don't get caught up in falling or losing a battle. Those who are great rise to the occasion, and shrug off defeat.
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    Real Friends Will Always Be By Your Side
    Real friends are always going to be there by your side, even at times when you tell them to leave.
    If you already have a real friend in your life, then you know that through thick, and through thin, they will always be there for you. Not to judge you, or to tell you that they tried to warn you before, not to bring you down, or kick you while your down, but instead to help pick you up when you fall, or to sit with you and help talk you into getting back up.
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    Do Not Chase People
    Do not chase people. Be you, do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.
    Chasing people around in life will be of no benefit to you in the long run. This is mostly because you can't make people be who you want them to be, people will always do what they truly want to do, deep down inside. What you can do is make extraordinary effort each day to be you, and to do what is in your heart, and work hard at it.
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