December 14th, just another day. I was in class, and then I heard them say. There's been a tradegy, so put down your books It's time to pray for all the kids that go to Sandy Hook. And that sad man, he must a been hurt. Hurt enough to make everybody feel worse. I am so sad, how can this happen? To all those little kids, I'm about to cry rappin' They are like my siblings, and their are like them What'd they do so wrong, what'd they do to him? I guess I'm too young to understand. And all the teachers that got hurt standing in the middle. They're my heroes, they are so strong. Making me strong enough so I can sing this song They are like my siblings, like 6 or 7 But you know what? Now they're up in heaven I wanna hug their mom I wanna hug their dad I know they miss them so much and that they're feeling bad When I got home from school on that same day My mom hugged me, she said she loved me. She told me that those kids parent's just wish That they could just go back to the times like this So to all the parents, I wanna say Hi, and let you know your baby's safe playing in the sky Don't have to say goodbye, I know your asking why Did my little baby have to die, They are all my friends But we never met, they're close to my heart They're sleeping in my bed, I'm talking about Charlotte, Daniel, Olivia, Josephine, Ana, Dylan, Madeleine Catherine, Chase, Jesse, James, Grace, Emilie, Jack, Noah Caroline, Jessica, Benjamin, Allison, Avielle We'll miss you Avielle, I hope I said them right Cause I'm trying my best, and to that sad man I'm hoping he could rest. Ms. Rousseau, Ms. Soto I just want you to know You are in my heart, I take you everywhere that I go This hurts me, We'll miss you Ms. Murphy This was all a no-no, You were strong Ms. D'Avino And Ms. Sherlach, And Ms. Hochsprung We thank all of you, what you did I won't forget the day yall risked yall's life to save those kids.

Shane Rush

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