Sharing Your Secrets
Sometimes just the act of sharing a painful secret can relieve some of the pain.
Sometimes secrets are like sores on top of our skin, swelling increasingly with every moment just waiting to pop. We have to relieve the pressure at some point or the pressure will be relieved on its own. We may think that secrets are necessary, but there is nothing like the freedom of being truthful. Not only does it ease the stress on your mind, but it will provide for an open clean slate in a relationship. Have something on your chest that you need to get off?
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Finding Relief Through These Hard Times
All we need is some relief through these hard times!
In hard times as these in which the economy is down, people are out of jobs, struggling to make mortgage payments, and are barely holding their marriages together because of all the stresses placed on them by the rough times in society, we could all use a bit of relief. Relief may find us in a variety of ways, but it may take a bit of searching on our own to receive it.
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