Teenage love is something that our generation plays with.. We use love so we can get sex or so we can be popular. We never think about the good things in a relationship. You can't date a person because you think they are easy or because you wanna get popular. Find that special person who is gonna love you for you not for what you have or what you look like. I'm so fu..ing tired of seeing young couples fall in love, have sex, fight, then break up. Go slow, don't rush. You have you whole life to do those things, trust me. Don't grow up to be like these teenagers on TV who smoke, party, talk back to their parents, & have sex all the time. Our parents didn't raise us like that maybe some but not all. Just wait.. Love is not something you need to survive or pass school & get a career. Maybe it's fine to have somebody, but on & off with different people almost everyday.. Yeah, I flirt but I don't go around fu..ing people or doing things with them. Your still young, don't let somebody break your heart over NOTHING! It's not the end of the world.. Just focus on school & trying to graduate on time.
Javonna Brown

Teenagers Love Sex School quotes


Smokey Robinson

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