Abstinence Quotes & Sayings

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Abstinence is essential for all humans. To err is human but abstinence from sins is better than seeking help afterward. It is easy to abstain ourselves from wrong doings and is easier than perfect moderation. A Danish proverb says abstinence and fasting cure many a complaint. By practicing abstinence, we get the ability to take control of our self and this will certainly help to avoid a lot of problems. Abstinence is essential not only for our thoughts and deeds but also in our food habits. It is good for both the head and the pocket. Only exercise and abstinence make a rich man healthy, is the view of William Temple. If each and everyone practices abstinence in this way, there will be no reason for conflict, hate, wrath or any vice in this world. Preach the quality of abstinence to all your friends by sending in these quotes on abstinence.



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