Appetite Quotes & Sayings

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Though appetite can refer to anything ranging from appetite for power, appetite for wealth and so on, it generally refers to appetite for food, unless specified otherwise. A good appetite needs no sauce and for a good appetite, there is no hard bread, are some of the proverbs that show the extent of effect of appetite. If you get up with an appetite from your dining table after eating, it is good for your health. A good society is one that has enough food for all those who have an appetite but on the contrary, it is true in all nations that there are two classes of people; those who have more dinner than appetite and those who have more appetite than dinners. When the appetite for food is not controlled and served with enough food, it would lead to all sorts of crimes and sin; since man will not hesitate to do anything for a loaf of bread. The following are some of the quotes on appetite and they are taken from sayings from all over the world so that they give a clear view of this global problem.



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