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Applause is a kind of appreciation given but it is also a kind of addiction. When a person receives applause, he yearns for more and more, though we never know what the real intentions were for the applause. T quote Samuel lover, my advice to you concerning applause is enjoying it but never quote believe. The sayings and speeches of great leaders are still remembered when they won a round of applause but sometimes, the applause of lesser known people are lesser popular ones are also an act of mockery. But there is no denying the fact that applause is the most obvious and easiest way of encouraging a person. It gives the receiver a lot of confidence, strength and vitality to renew his efforts. It requires magnanimity, open mindedness and appreciation to applaud others, openly. Spread this quality among others as applause is also a kind of physical act to revitalize your energy. Here are some of the quotes on applause.



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