Aristocracy Quotes & Sayings

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Aristocracy is not the opposite of democracy. It is a group of noble men and women who belong to the upper class. There is still some supports for aristocracy in this century of democracy despite the scars that have been inflicted due to aristocracy in the history which have not been forgotten yet. Aristocracy is desirable if its roots are virtue and talent but sadly, very few have these traits to emerge as true aristocrats. According to Thomas Jefferson, “The artificial aristocracy is a mischievous ingredient in the government and this ascendency must be prevented by all means”. In a republic country, aristocracy has no real value but it keeps on moving without any meaning. The members of the aristocracy can carry many names and labels which are of no use to others. Here are some of the quotes on aristocracy which are suitable to be included in an ecard.


Paul Neild

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