Army Wife Quotes & Sayings

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An army wife is a strong symbol of strength, valor, and patience. Having your husband employed in the nation’s army and constantly living with that thought is not easy. But an army wife always stays patient and waits for her man to return from the border. This patience makes them stronger and courageous. Living the life of an army wife is pretty challenging. Without your husband in your vicinity, you ought to be the prime caretaker of your children who are always dependent on their mother for emotional and psychological support. An army wife raises her children single-handedly. An army wife is the epitome of patience, strength, and courage. An army wife is proud of the fact that her husband serves the nation and is ready to lay down his life in his nation’s interest. An army wife is supportive and co-operative when it comes to supporting her husband and is understanding, too.


Sarah Moores

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