Ballet Quotes & Sayings

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Ballet is a very charismatic and agile form of dance which needs a lot of training and effort. To enjoy ballet, you don’t need to know about it, all you have to do is look at it. It is basically a combination of quality and quantity. The quantity is the amount of hard work the dancer can put in and the quality is how the dancer does it. Alexander Pushkin said, “Ballet is a dance executed by the human soul”. The physical language of the body is much more powerful than words. To excel in ballet, it is required to have a passion for ballet since the need or urge to dance is not enough. The heart and soul must be put into ballet which will be evident when they perform on stage. Any single day without dance will be considered as lost by the passionate ballet dancer. These are some quotes on ballet which are quite interesting to read.


Kiernan Shipka

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