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Beach is an area of sand, sloping down the water of a sea or lake. It is found along the shoreline of a water body and mostly composed of loose particles such as sand, gravel, pebbles, cobblestones etc. and is the place where people throng in groups to enjoy the sea and the waves. A beach bum is a person who regularly relaxes at the beach while a beach virgin is a person who has never been to a beach and seen the beach side. In all developed and discovered beaches, lifeguards and lifeboats are always present. A beach area is surrounded by resorts, hotels, camps etc. and has all side of modernity and surrounding it. People are very fond of beach parties and beach is the place to relax, unwind, and cut loose. In beachwear and shorts, one can enjoy the tides and the sea waves, which have their own sense of thrill and promise a lot of excitement and adventure, especially if you have the penchant for water sports and water activities. Beaches in under-developed areas lack resorts; hotels etc. in their surrounding areas and do not have lifeguards on board, too.



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