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Some people are born with a slightly different character and style and some people like to be different. The second category does so to attract the attention of others and get noticed. It is not surprising that the world looks at the people who are different, who have set their own pace and path. Chidinima said, “always show the you in you that makes you the you that you are”. Though all of us belong to the big human race, everyone is unique in the sense; there is a certain degree of uniqueness that makes us different from one another. If this is well nourished in the positive way, it will be useful to the society as a whole. Dave Thomas says, “If there are things you don’t like in this world you grew up in, make your own life different”. The whole automatically looks up those whoa re different. Try to be unique and different from others and you will earn respect and distinguished look.


Deepak Chopra

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