Being Nervous Quotes & Sayings

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Being nervous indicates showing nerves, anxiety or getting the goose bumps when stuck in a make or break or a do or die situation. One is bound to get the jitters when a lot is at stake and the moment arrives when one has to deliver the goods. Being nervous on such crucial moments in life will do you no good. You should rather face such jittery moments valiantly. Being nervous does not help as much as being confident or bold when confronting testing situations and circumstances. The more courage you show, the more good fortune you accumulate which will sail you through any conflicting situation. Therefore, being nervous when the tides are not in your favor is cowardly. Face the tides valiantly. Being nervous is obvious when one is about to address a large public gathering and deliver a speech or when one has to write an important examination. However, the moment you get into the flow of things, the nervousness fades away.



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